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Privacy Policy

We value our customer’s trust and take care of their personal information seriously, we urge customers to go through and make sure they understand the updated Privacy Policy. If there are any questions regarding their private data, we invite customers to contact our Privacy Team.    

Respecting Customer’s Privacy

Ekam Indian Groceries has ABN 93606454095 is committed to comply with privacy laws which apply to its business including protection of the privacy and rights of individuals in relation to their private information.

Ekam Indian Groceries may update customer’s privacy policy from time to time. The availability of current privacy policy is on the online store. A copy of the current privacy policy can be issued by contacting the Privacy Policy Officer by email.

If a customer finds any issue regarding their private information or any issue related information leak by workers then it can be sorted out by complaining to the Privacy Policy Officer.

Our privacy policy includes

- How to collect and hold personal data

- The motive of collection, hold, use and disclose data

- How you can access and make your information correct

- Digital Technologies

1. How private information do we collect and hold?

The information that we collect and hold is reasonably necessary for our business functionality and activities. The private information we collect from customers could be of different types. Such as:

- Your name, email address, Mobile numbers, age, gender and residential address

- Your Customer reference number (Membership Number)

- Your name of company associated of work

- Your Bank Information, could be bank details or credit card information

- Your details of assets and credit history

- Used rewards and redeem details related to our loyalty programs

     2. How do we collect and hold personal data?

    Ekam Indian Groceries collects personal data from you directly and makes a record of it. We may collect information by different means:

    - You register yourself, like as create an account through online store

    - You communicate with us using email or mobile phone

    - Apply for credit terms with us, purchase order, paperwork agreement and procurement process

    - You subscribe with our newsletter and blogs conversation

    We also can collect information from third party sources for analyzing data with Meta - data that we already hold in order to learn more about your preferences. Social media is also a way to collect your information.

    We collect your personal information from your direct dealing with us whereas sometimes we can collect your information indirectly. May be through our common Supplier or customer.

    3. Why do we collect, hold, use and disclose data?

    We collect, hold and use your private information for different purposes of our business relating to promotions or several different activities. Which includes:

    - Assist you to resolve your complaints and enquiries

    - To maintain and establish a contact with you by providing you information about our weekly or special offer deals

    - To assist you with your regular enquiries

    - The purposes for which you provide your consent

    - To notify you regarding your order is processed and delivered

    - As required according to law

    4. How you can access and make your information correct

    We can provide you access to your personal information we held except the information can’t be recognized by law. If you have any query related to your privacy information then you can contact our Privacy Office ekamIndiangroceries@gmail.com or can call us on 0469232510.

    We require proof of identity, before giving access to your personal information. We may charge a reasonable fee if it requires substantial effort from our side.

    If you wish to update your information then you can contact us through email, mobile phone or can contact our Privacy Officer.

     5. Digital Technologies

     We are using some third parties tools such as plugins, location services and cookies with our online store. These are used to enhance your experience and provide you with different services such as delivery options and promo codes.  

    These may include:

    - To tailor advertising and promotions

    - Your preferences could be store

    - To maintain user friendly experience


    More Information

    If you need more information about privacy law and privacy principles is available from the Privacy Commissioner. The Privacy Commissioner may be contacted at www.oaic.gov.au  (email: enquiries@oaic.gov.au) or call 1300 363 992) (Australia).


    Last update of this policy: June 2020