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Should You Cook in Earthen Pots? Get Back to the Basics!

Should You Cook in Earthen Pots? Get Back to the Basics!

  • May 18, 2020
  • Posted By : Gagan
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Nowadays, everyone needs comfort in their life and therefore remains glued to luxurious things all the time. No doubt, we are living in a technological era and have enough money to spend on modern things. The most conspicuous trend is an upsurge in the usage of electronic appliances to cook food. In this fast time, people want to be really quick and therefore rely on auto machines. It seems to be much easier and more convenient to use . There are so many techniques which are now in vogue like microwave ovens, cooking inductions etcetera which have totally replaced the earlier cooking materials. Women in the conventional era used to cook food in Earthen pots instead of any non-stick pans and pressure cookers because these things were not in much use in those times. Nearly 50 years ago almost half of the population was suffering from poverty, it might be a reason that they cooked in Earthen vessels. Even with the passage of time they became habitual of it and also understood the assets of clay pot, moreover that food was naturally cooked and they felt connected to their mother earth. There are a bundle of benefits of food cooked in these pots such as it gives nutrition to the human body. People who make these mud pots are known as 'Potters'. It is also believed that 'Pottery' is basically a zenith to a family and they make it by kneading clay with water and then giving so many different shapes with the mould which adds natural essence in the food. The soil they use is not common as it is not easily available everywhere, just a few potters can identify that kind of mud which is pure. However, when it comes to contemporary era there is no doubt that still some individuals believe in following the traditional ways of making meals so that they too can maintain their health, moreover people want natural products in their daily life and day by day they are getting the inadequate aspects of adulterated food. Earthenware adds a different olfactory flavor in the food.
There are some of the scientific reasons behind cooking eatables in earthen vessels. Basically, it is believed that the human body is made up of soil which includes thousands of micronutrients like calcium, zinc, phosphorus etcetera. Therefore, the food served in many of the religious places like temples is being cooked in these jars because of its purity which is known as 'Langar'. Even people eat that food with all their heart and also find it best in quality as well as in taste. Apart from this, the nutritional food made up in these pots remains fresh for a long period of time. Like if one wants to travel for 30 to 40 hours then they can easily think about carrying homemade food if it is being cooked in an earthen pot and can enjoy the meals without any hygiene related worries. These meals also keep the body fit and away from minor diseases like joint pain which is very normal these days, and even the diabetes.Besides, some of the women make milky products like ghee, curd and buttermilk in clay containers which has proved as a benediction for one's body. However, meals made in a pressure cooker break the molecules which results in burgeoning the side effects of that meal which make them suffer with plethora of health issues in the future.
So, in this running time one can remain healthy and sustain himself through thick and thin if he chooses to cook wisely using earthen pots and eat healthy .

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