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10 Health Benefits of Tulsi Tea

10 Health Benefits of Tulsi Tea

  • May 18, 2020
  • Posted By : Gagan
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It is truly said that health is wealth. If a person is not healthy inside then he cannot feel relaxed, either he is suffering by any major or minor disease. And to cure that, he always prefers to take medicines prescribed by his doctor which will make him feel better. No doubt in this epoch it is very obvious that people should keep themselves aware of their health regarding issues. But it is also a fact that everyone cannot afford the services of hospitals as the expenses of visiting a doctor are much more than anything because of the burgeoning inflation. In these kinds of situations so many home remedies play a vital role. One of the main and very basic things among all this is 'Tulsi'. It is the name of a plant which has been in use since ages and in India, many people have a proper place for this plant not only in their house but in their heart too especially those who are being connected with their tradition. It seems to be a good luck plant and people in India recommend it as goddess.

1. Tulsi is basically not only used in one or two ways, it has so many uses which can be proved beneficial for all. It is of types in color one is red and the other one is green having fresh and dried leaves. One can even buy its crushed powder from anywhere, as it is not something which is rarely available.

2. Tulsi tea is the most common and widely used drink among everyone which can cure any illness. There is hardly any place where Tulsi is not available, whenever people feel any bacterial or viral fever either coughs or cold Tulsi tea is most effective. By adding 6 to 8 fresh Tulsi leaves in tea may result in a speedy recovery in a person's health.

3. Its other positive aspect is that it is an ordinary medication for weight loss because it boosts the metabolism and keeps the immune system working properly. A cup of Tulsi tea just after waking up in the early morning can make the whole day fresh as it acts like a stress buster too. Headache is the most usual thing nowadays and Tulsi tea works as a tablet like paracetamol.

4. Not only this, a woman who is suffering from an improper menstruation cycle can add a cup of Tulsi tea in her diet which may have an impact on her other body malfunctioning, this is mainly a natural medicine to which most of the women have already consumed and got very good outcomes.

5. Apart from it, this is even proficient for children, by adding half spoon powdered Tulsi and a little jaggery in boiled water can relieve their entire day tiredness which is far more better than any protein shakes, even it makes a young person feel peaceful by which they can properly concentrate on their work.

6. It is basically a natural remedy for thyroid disorders, it cleans up the throat and this disease does not have any other best natural medicine like Tulsi tea, as it helps in reducing weight which is the main symptom of having thyroid in a human body, so consuming Tulsi tea is the best thing for a thyroid patient.

7. Moreover, a diabetic patient can feel the betterment of drinking Tulsi tea every day. However, having a normal milk tea is hazardous in this health problem as it contains fat, sugar and other heavy dairy products that a diabetic patient cannot digest. So, mixing some raw Tulsi leaves in warm water is fine.

8. Many other fatal diseases like asthma can be treated with Tulsi, easy breathing can be possible by drinking Tulsi tea twice a day. It can halt the problem from increasing if the patient is consuming Tulsi everyday in any way.

9. It is also believed that by having Tulsi tea one can easily solve its skin related disorders like any pimples or acnes as it purifies the blood which leads the skin to heal in an efficient manner. In this modern era even some of the adults have replaced their coffee with Tulsi tea because of the hectic schedule and the tiredness from daily chaos.

10. Last but not least, by having Tulsi tea in early morning acts as a mouth freshener and the fragrance of it remains in mouth the whole day, it actually smells sweet. Even there was a time when there was not any toothpaste; these raw leaves came in use at its place. That is why some people still have the habit of eating the raw leaves or others drink it as a morning tea.

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