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11 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric

11 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric

  • May 18, 2020
  • Posted By : Gagan
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Turmeric is the most widely used spice in India. It is famous for its Hindi name HALDI. But nowadays it is gaining its importance by being named as TURMERIC LATTE! One can also say that it is a SUPERFOOD as it is used in most of our foods. Moreover, it is the best antibiotic as it keeps everyone safe and protected because of its medicinal and anti- inflammatory properties.
1. Turmeric is the only ingredient that gives us high power on a very little usage. This is the secret of those good-looking humans who stay fresh the whole day. Generally, it improves their immune system and helps them to grow rapidly.
2. Every Indian mother makes her child consume HALDI in one or the other form because it helps them to grow physically as well as mentally. Turmeric given to toddlers from a very early age definitely proves as a biggest advantage to their health which will work for them till their life.
3. By consuming HALDI with Lukewarm water early morning helps to lose weight. Along with this it also has a religious aspect as in India people apply 'haldi tikka' on their foreheads for positivity and success.
4. Turmeric as a spice is used in all the exotic restaurants and food hubs to make the food taste and look delicious. In many dishes it is merely used for its color giving property.
5. From olden times it is being used as the major component of beauty products. By mixing a pinch of turmeric in honey and a tablespoon of curd, one can apply it on his face as it helps to cure pimples and acne.
6. Besides, it can also remove the tanned skin especially from the basic dark areas like knees, elbows, arms and make those particular parts glow beautifully.
7. In emergencies like any external injury or a deep wound, one can be relieved of his pain by applying turmeric on it because this is the most basic Indian ingredient which is available all the time in each and every house.
8. It doesn't have any side effects as it is nutritious and keeps the body away from any of the major or minor diseases like tumor, arthritis. Moreover, it improves brain functioning and also lowers the risk of brain diseases. It can also be used for a person suffering from fatal disease.
9. It improves the body functioning of a patient with a high level of diabetes, also when mixed with warm milk proves very beneficial for joint pain and one can get a better sleep at night.
10. There is nothing magical like turmeric as it is used in every respect and proves beneficial. Apart from these hefty uses, turmeric has a plethora of other uses in small things like women use it to store some raw products for a long period of time like rice and pulses. It actually prevents them from decaying.
11. Not only in India, turmeric has gained its importance throughout the world as its advantages are being recognized and proved scientifically. Our Michelin star chefs are experimenting with it every day in every course of meal making it the key ingredient of the kitchen.

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